Register Your Product Guarantee

The Perfect Pans Guarantee, is unique in the fact that it clearly states that if you have any problems with your Perfect Pan***, we will replace your pan FREE OF CHARGE* and can even arrange collection and redelivery for you**.


 Perfect Pans Cookware carries the manufacturers’ guarantee to be free from all defects in materials and workmanship at the time of purchase.

Your Perfect Pan is guaranteed for life NOT to warp, wobble, bend or buckle. The platinum plus non-stick surface has a lifetime guarantee against peeling, cracking or blistering.
  1. Damage caused by neglect, abuse, abnormal wear and tear, overheating, commercial use or any use not in accordance with the care and use instructions. Please refer to our Care page or read the back of your guarantee provided with your purchase.
  2. Damage to the exterior of the pan or lid is not covered.
  3. You must register your guarantee to validate it, this can be done either by clicking the link on the home page or by completing the paper version and returning it to us by good old fashioned post.
  4. If your pan is returned to us, and it is found to be damaged and excluded by our guarantee, we will still replace your pan, however, a  separate £25.00 resurfacing fee will apply.
*Customer is responsible for payment of postage, packaging and insurance both for delivery and return of the pan.
*Please note if you are sent a replacement pan it may be of a different brand, however it will not be any lesser quality or size than is returned.
*Please also note, Chomette is now in administration and SKK replacements are unavailable. Your return will be replaced with either Crafond or our Diamond Line.
**A fee is payable for this service
***Please see details of Guarantee, exclusions etc.