Resurfacing Service- Standard to Standard – Crafond Cookware

Resurfacing Service- Standard to Standard – Crafond Cookware


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**please note, that shipment dates/timescales from Italy may vary. 
You may have to wait up to 4 weeks for your cookware, providing we don't have the 
models in stock. You will be updated of the timescale once you place your order**

Crafond pans have a lifetime guarantee endorsed by Perfect Pans, that covers the base of the pans from warping, buckling and bending. The guarantee also covers the non stick from blistering and peeling.

It does not cover-

  • Carbonization of the cooking surface (where it goes brown or black over time with the combination of high heat and the use of oils or natural fats)
  • Scratches and general wear and tear.
  • The outside of the pan,
  • Damaged caused by high heat.

If your pan is carbonized, then please refer to the Hints & Tips section as there may be another solution before you re-surface.

With this in mind, we’ve decided to offer a recycling service to all of our customers. You’ll never have to pay full price for your cookware again, whilst reaping the benefits of commercial non stick surfacing.

This means that NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS TO YOUR PAN, we will endeavor to have your pan resurfaced for you with a free of charge service (we don’t make a penny), we just ask you to cover postage and steel costs.

The breakdown of cost is as followed:

  • €29.99 for your pan to be posted back to Italy.
  • €9.99 DPD next day delivery, to get your new pan delivered to you.

The process in order to get your pan re-surfaced is as followed:

  • Order and pay for you re-surfacing on the website. We measure all of our pans rim to rim, so when measuring please do it this way and go to the nearest cm. Not to worry though if you’re unsure, when you send it back –  we cross reference the size of your pan this side.


  • Send us back your old pan via your own shipping preference (don’t worry too much about packaging, a taped bag around the pan will do, as we’ll be sending it back to Italy so they can melt it down).  Attach a note with your cookware with your name, postal address and a short message referring to either email/online purchase. As soon as we’ve received this, we can get your new pan sent out to you on a next day DPD delivery providing we have it in stock.


  • Through our recycling service, we post your old pan back to our manufacturing base in Italy. They take around 7 weeks to return a new batch of pans back to us, each one we give, they return. We ask you to cover this postage cost of £€29.99.


  • We don’t expect you to be without your pan for 7 weeks… so we send you a replacement out of our stock instead, and this goes straight out on a **next day DPD delivery! We ask you to cover this postage cost of €9.99. (**depending on stock levels, **on occasion we have to order pans in especially, email us if you’re not sure–*)


  • We receive your old pan back from Italy 7 weeks later- and this is now a part of our stock again.

In a nutshell, with this service you can have a brand new pan, we just ask for your old one back and for you to cover postage. This way no Crafond pan will ever go out of service, and as a company we do our bit for the environment.

The postal address for sending your pan back is- THISTLEWAITE HOUSE, BALLINASKEA, RATHCORE, ENFIELD, COUNTY MEATH, DUBLIN, A83E624

For Northern Irish customers please refer to the UK website –

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Saute, Saucepan, Roasting Dish, Grill Pan, Stockpot, Cocotte Base, Twin Handle Frying Pan, Detachable Handle Frying Pan, Twin Handle Saute


14cm, 16cm, 18cm, 20cm, 24cm, 28cm, 32cm, 25cm (Roasting Only), 30cm (Roasting Only), 35cm (Roasting Only)


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