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About Our Diamond Line:

Perfect Pans Diamond Line cookware is produced piece for piece in our suppliers own in-house foundry and is subjected to strict quality controls and continuous testing. Their unique casting process creates a tension free microstructure, a prerequisite to guarantee the warp free base of our cookware. All further manufacturing procedures are performed on-site manually up to the finishing process with our premium quality Lotan® non-stick coating. The high-quality surface finishing consists of four layers and contains ceramic particles to enhance the disability and resistance.This plasma finishing is exceptionally tough and ultra hard. It is extremely well suited for professionals and heavy duty use.

Lotan® is the new revolutionary coating technology for modern gastronomic applications. The non-stick characteristics of our Lotan® coating simplifies the cleaning of your cookware and keeps the surface germ free. Our Lotan® coating helps reduce your water consumption: Help save the environment!
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